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Boundless markets, limitless opportunities, and no commissions are just some of the advantages that online CFD trading offers. OInvest adds to those benefits with an award-winning platform that allows you trade CFDs efficiently, swiftly and intelligently.

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The first thing to notice when choosing a CFD trading platform is its legitimacy. OInvest is an authorized Financial Service Provider (FSP) licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. This is why so many traders across South Africa feel confident trading with us.

Take a closer look at CFD trading

CFD, or "Contract for Difference", is a fast-growing method of trading that allows you to trade on underlying assets by speculating whether their price will move up or down, making for a very dynamic and exciting trading instrument.

CFD trading – Top 5 benefits people are talking about

Challenging experience that inspires
Low spreads and no commission
Potential profit from an assets price going either up or down
Access to multiple markets
Easy to learn and improve

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Stay connected to the markets wherever you are with our free mobile app. It includes all the same features that can lead to a successful trade at the right moment!


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You can connect to the world’s most popular platform – MetaTrader4 –from any connected device, such as your laptop or tablet.


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Zone in on your favorite markets with desktop versions of world-leading platform that helps you become the pro trader that you want to be.

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